+55 (11) 9449-1374 <>

Iraê Lambert de Carvalho

Brazilian, married, 29 years old
Languages: portuguese (native) / english
São Paulo / SP — Brasil / (11) 9449-1374

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Web interface development and programming (client side): Looking for a Senior, Javascript focused, Web Developer position; create maintainable and performance optimized libraries; technical lead in teams creating complex interactive interfaces; contribute to design and planing of application architecture.


Graduation in Multimedia Design - Faculdade Senac (HND/HNC equivalent) - 2006
Last attended: Coding dojos, FISL, RHoK, Yahoo Hack Day, Campus Party, Google Developer Day


Member of winning team on Yahoo Hack Day Brazil 2010 Open Source contribution to jQuery core, as well as jQuery plugins.


I am a highly skilled programmer, focused on innovation and with great knowledge of user experience and design. By aiming excellence in client side programming, I have reached a profound knowledge of how web browsers work and all the differences between them. In this area, I have become a technical reference inside the teams and companies where I have worked.
I also have a complete understanding of web infrastructure - from system architecture to client side. I am aways very participative in teams during the design of complex applications, providing ideas and helping to improve the development cycle and final product quality.

Technical Knowledge

Client side: HTML 4 and 5, CSS 2 and 3, JavaScript (Ajax, JSON, DOM Scripting, cross-browser code, progressive enhancement, graceful degradation, unobtrusive javascript), Web Standards, Mobile web apps (i.e. iPhone, Android), new APIs (i.e. workers, canvas, svg, geolocation, storage, offline)

Server side: Ruby/Rails, Python/Django, PHP/Wordpress, Action Script, XML, SQL, Linux servers

Outros: GIT, SVN, SSH, regexp, MVC, shell script, social APIs, cloud computing, character encoding

Work Experience

UOL (Universo Online)

2008 - today

Senior Front End Developer - Client side interface programming

UOL Eleições 2010 - Great improvement of the open source visualize.jquery.js plugin to provide html5 interactive graphs for the 2010 Brazilian elections.

TV UOL - Javascirpt prototype, feature planning, information architecture, user experience and final development of a fully featured, Ajax API-based site.

UOL CMS and UOL Mais publishing integration - Web Standards Ajax, jQuery, SEO.

Main Achievements: Innovation and technical leadership of different teams inside the company.

Bola Sociology Design

late 2007

Web development - Both server and client side programming

UOL (Universo Online)

2005 - 2007

Front End Developer - Client side interface programming

Main Projects: TodaOferta, UOL Vídeos, UOL Afiliados, UOL XXX, UOL K.

Additional responsibilities: Wireframes and navigation review for accessibility and usability, providing a better development workflow.

Main Achievements: Introduction of Ajax in the company, improvement of development processes, development of several code standards for web development.

1998 - 2005

Freelancer: HTML, Flash, XML, PHP, Web Design

Worked mainly as a programmer but also achieved great results in design. Worked on a wide number of small independent projects.